Lovelly Travels – the adventure begins

I’m a World traveller. I live for travel and it’s what drives me. In 2019, I decided that I would aim to visit every country in the world - 195 according to the UN recognised list - while spreading the message about #mentalhealth. Follow the adventure at @lovellytravels

Traveller Profiles

On this site, over the years I've dedicated posts to the wonderful travellers I've met from all around the world. Simply search the category "Traveller Profiles" to see some of the amazing travellers I've profiled so far. Something that I have consistently noticed when chatting with travellers is their passion for their home country. It … Continue reading Traveller Profiles

Quick n Lovelly Round The World 2018

I've been planning to put up this post for weeks ... finally, one day before our adventure begins it's here. Tomorrow, I'll set off on an seven week adventure around the world. And for the first time, I'll be joined by my amazing partner, Mathew! This is his first multi country round the world adventure … Continue reading Quick n Lovelly Round The World 2018

Cath Styles is the Accidental Cougar

In the wake of becoming unexpectedly single, and even more unexpectedly turning 50, this fierce, funny feminist finds out what it's like when your favourite joke becomes a reality! Cath Styles, Accidental Cougar.

That time I was silent for 10 days

Hard to believe eh? Emma Lovell! The woman who runs a business called Lovelly Communications. The constant social butterfly. Was silent ... for 10 whole days! And it was one of the most profound and enriching experiences of my life. Vipassana is the practice of silent meditation. Totally cut off from the world with no … Continue reading That time I was silent for 10 days

Taking the original Free Walking Tour in Munich … 11 years on!

11 years on and I decided to again take the Free Walking Tour in Munich. Highly recommend this way to see the city.

Reunion with Betsy – my 80 year old Dutch friend

In 2014, I cycled in Vietnam with a group of Dutch women on the #Cycle4girls. I became dear friends with Betsy and now, three years on, I get to visit my 80 year old friend in her homeland.