Good morning Vietnam 🇻🇳! Xin chao!

This week we’re sharing our tips and favourite experience in the exotic and fascinating country of Vietnam. Darius has been once and Emma has been three times (South, Central and then North) so we’ll take you on a journey from bustling Ho Chi Minh City to the charm of Hanoi and the exotic natural setting of Ha Long Bay!

We were also joined by Diana Nguyen, Actor, Comedian and Creative Entrepreneur. Diana was born in Australia but her heritage is Vietnamese. Her parents were actually refugees and fled the country after the war in the 1970s, making Australia their permanent home. Diana shares her experiences of visiting her motherland over the years and how those journeys have changed as she’s grown up and learnt more.

She actually used her Vietnamese heritage and the story of her parents as the inspiration for Phi and Me TV, the first every Vietnamese Australian family comedy web series in the world which she co-created, more about this and Diana’s fascinating work in the show notes!

Content warning: we talk a lot about food in this episode! You may get hungry!

You can tune in and listen to episode #35 here

Check out some of our Vietnam tips here:

Buffalo tours for travel in Vietnam:

Phong Nha Cave (Emma was cycling near the caves but didn’t get to go in. It’s on her bucket list for Central Vietnam): Phong Nha Caves

Doing an overnight (or preferably two) on a boat in Halong Bay. The Victory Star is the one I went on and it was rather luxurious which I loved!!!

Ninh Binh, between Hanoi and Ha Long Bay and one that’s not to be missed

Stay at the hidden charm hotel:

Hanoi street food tour is a must.

More about our guest Diana

Diana Nguyen is an actor, comedian and creative entrepreneur. What does this mean. She creates new work all the time, in the creative arts.

She is the co-creator of Phi and Me TV, the first every Vietnamese Australian family comedy webseries in the world.

She is the host of The SnortCast Podcast, interviewing over 30 comedians including Kevin Kropinyeri, Celia Pacquola, Peter Helliar, Steph Tisdell and more.

She also dances on LinkedIn #DancingDiana with her 65k followers, and watch her TedTalk “Joy is my Caffeine Joyfool.”

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