That’s right, there’s a podcast!

My awesome friend Darius and I went on a roadtrip in late 2019. Our goal was to visit four or more countries in Europe in FOUR days. We did it! On that trip, we were listening to podcasts to pass the time and thought “hey, we should do a podcast”.

We both love chatting.
We both love podcasts.
We both think we’re hilarious!
It’s a winning combination!


So, we set about making it happen and in less than six months (to my super dooper amazement) we’ve done it!

We’ll be talking about all things travel and adventure. I have a mission to visit every UN recognised country in the world while raising awareness for mental health. Join us as we journey through past adventures, speak to fellow travellers and interesting locals, all while documenting the mission to 195 countries!

I’ll be joined by my co-pilot Darius (from and in Germany!) You can follow my antics on Instagram, @lovellytravels and learn more about the trips in detail here on the website. Come along and listen to travel vicariously along with us!

Listen to our Podcast

#11 – Danielle Colley on Mt Kilimanjaro Lovelly Travels

Danielle Colley lives an adventurous life. She takes her positive outlook and applies it to all that she does, and she's not afraid of a challenge. So when Emma heard that she'd trekked Mt Kilimanjaro for charity in 2017, she knew there was a podcast episode right there. Emma also trekked the tallest freestanding mountain, 5895m, in Tanzania in 2011 while raising funds for a charity. The two women however have very different feelings about doing it ever again! Hear as they banter and share their unique experiences – both memorable and somewhat life-changing. Danielle shares her passion for raising awareness and funds for great causes such as Rafiki Mwema, an amazing Australian based organisation who support children who've experienced extreme trauma through two homes in Kenya. Check out the show notes for more on Danielle!
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