Strap yourselves in! This is honest, raw and real.

At the time of recording, Emma was 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This is somewhat of an announcement but also a bit of a PSA about what the pregnancy journey is truly like for some women.

Emma has shared a blog post on, a post on @lovellytravels insta and now this episode to shed light on the experience that is not the “”glowing”” one we’ve come to believe is the norm.

This is her own experience and she shared it openly and honestly. Each woman is entitled to her own journey and experience.

There’ll definitely be more to come in future about the topic of kids and travel, as the little one arrives in January 2021, but for now it’s time for Emma to share her unique journey.

You can listen to episode 29 here.

Read the Pregnancy blog post here.

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