Tasmania! A stunning state of Australia. It was a hidden gem for a long time but now the secret is out!

Our latest episode explored this fab state and we asked listeners to share tips. Lea Boyce shared this incredible list and we just had to share it here! Thanks Lea

Great state to ride motorbikes around; differing terrain that can be experienced in one day is incredible

Highly recommend riding up the western part of Tassie, get hills, dirt, water views, great little towns

Bruny Island is also great to ride around – or drive around, so much to see

South point of Bruny has incredible views and great little bays where you can find serious surfers

Toilets with views!

Ferry across is fun and super cheap – about $6

Get Shucked Oysters is a must – great oyster, anyway you like with a glass of wine or a cider

Only 1 petrol station – so be prepared

Also a little brewery and chocolate place but haven’t been there

Come here by yacht for even more fun – oysters as big as your hand on the shorelines when you come ashore


Some great walks around Cataract Gorge

Boag’s Brewery

Mountain bike tracks

Great oyster place near the airport – cant remember its name though!!

Hobart & Surrounds

Wineries, wineries, wineries – highly recommend Pooley Wines, a multi-generational family business, they also own Prospect House which is stunning accommodation and restaurant – Matt Pooley is a great guy and if you ever wanted to talk to someone about Tassie and the wine industry he is your man

Distillers, distillers, distillers – gin and whiskey as far as the eye can see. One that is out of the box, out of the way, super small and don’t think they actually distill their own but fun place to go is Dunalley Bay – the are literally right on the beach, have the cutest dogs that seem to own the place, gin is delicious, great snacks (cheese platters and oysters are our go to) with lovely fire place for winter stops (great visiting on the motorbike too!) Super nice people

Mona – what is a trip to Hobart without Mona. Challenge your senses, art is subjective and Mona exploits that. Allow most of the day, eat out the back at Moorilla, sitting on the grass listening to the latest contemporary sounds on the stage (I say sounds as sometimes I don’t think it can be classified as music!!)

Great yachting – such beautiful coastlines to follow – a view you just cant get from land – in fact east coast and west coast are breathtaking too – nothing like mooring up with another boat for the night enjoying an on deck BBQ, gin and wine

Salamanca Place – while the market has grown hugely and got a little commercial still so many awesome stalls with great conversations to be had – must engage as this is where the real fun is

The Den Bar at Salamanca is awesome – gorgeous inside seating and great outdoor area, warmed by fires and heaters in winter, great range with really good staff, great range of gin

Macq1 – great restaurant even if a little commercial

Henry Jones Hotel – stunning rooms, they will even research your family history before you come – they do this randomly and you find it in your room when you arrive – great place for conferences too

Maritime Museum of Tasmania – lovely place with volunteer attendants that know their stuff. Great conversations with them

Taste of Tassie festival – co-incides with Sydney to Hobart Yachts coming in

Sydney to Hobart arrivals – amazing to see the maxi’s cracking it up the Derwent – if you can be out on the water coming in along side them it is so memorable – one of my favourite Tassie memories is being out on the water coming up the Derwent alongside the first all female crewed yacht

Cradle Mountain – stunning walking tracks, we always feel like this is where fairies live in abundance – walks for all levels. Plus fishing etc

St Helens – gotta go for the oysters!!

Freycinet Bay – gorgeous walks, food, wine, more oysters

Make sure to the episode featuring Selina Bush (from the header photo) over on Lovelly Travels podcast.

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