We talk to my wedding photographer about Trash the Dress: our special underwater photo shoot!

To say our wedding day was memorable, is an understatement! We took part in the most incredible underwater photo shoot, named “Trash the Dress” with the phenomenal Debora Ducci from White Crown Photography and we now have these magical moments to cherish forever.

Debora is originally from Italy but has spent the past 13 years living in Mexico and now calls it home, as well as her office. Living in the stunning area of Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo – the backdrops and settings for her photos are like those off a postcard. Think pristine beaches, ancient ruins and the mystical jungles. And of course – the cenotes, which is where we had our photos.

For our full wedding story, read the blog and listen to episode #27 on the podcast.

Hear about how Deb got into underwater photography and how it all works! We’ll be sharing heaps of photos from the shoot over at @lovellytravels so make sure to come it out with #tag #quicknlovellywed and #trashthedress.

Listen to episode #31 of the Lovelly Travels podcast here!

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