After living in Mexico in 2009 and falling in love with the country, Emma has been raving about this vibrant nation ever since.

In 2013, a lovely Mexican lady was visiting Australia and in need of some local friends. A mutual friend from Mexico asked Emma to help out this gorgeous woman and they’ve been honorary hermanas (sisters).

Faby is from Monterrey, Mexico and on this episode shares many wonderful experiences of travelling within her own country as well as some important tips for first time visitors.

“I’ve had the opportunity to travel and see 30 countries around the world, where I’ve seen things like the northern lights, the pyramid of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, but nothing compares to my home country of Mexico, today Im going to tell you why Mexico is a great place to visit and explore!”

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Faby shared some top tips for awesome beaches in Oaxaca

Places to go in Mexico

  • Zipolite, Mazunte, Carrizalillo, Chacagua and Zicatela- is the one with a really nice waves for surf
  • Xilitla and the Castillo de Sir Edward James
  • Zacatecas we mentioned the tradition of a party going through the streets with a donkey, this is called – Callejoneada
  • Close to Xilitla you also have the “god bridge “ or puente De Dios which is well worth a visit
  • Visit Real de Catorce – this is a desert in a valley, you can ride a horse through the ghost town

For more on Mexico and Emma’s favourite beach in the whole world, listen to the elopement episode – #27 – on the Lovelly Travels podcast here.

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