Enjoy hearing about Suzy’s extensive travel experience in very exotic locations!

If you love a good travel story, chat to Suzy!

With more than 60 countries under her belt, maybe 80, she’s not quite sure – but it’s a lot – this woman has an impressive selection of stories to choose from.

Emma and Suzy first met on a trip to Uganda in 2014 when Suzy was working for World Vision Australia as a photographer and Emma was a Blog Ambassador. The trip was memorable for so many reasons but also formed a strong friendship amongst all the attendees.

Here’s a video, with all footage shot by Suzy, that World Vision made of Emma’s experience in Uganda – beware, there are tears.

Since then, they’ve traded travel tales over social media from the far corners of the world. Having lived and worked in Jordan, along with short stints in many of the South Pacific regions, Suzy is a seasoned traveller with a wealth of info, tips and local insights.

Listen to episode 30 here.

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