In the first week of December we had not ONE but TWO episodes for you! Kent McKelvie joined us to talk about his experiences travelling as a Wheelchair Tennis Player.

Kent is a friend of Emma’s and he approached her to ask if Lovelly Travels would be exploring the topic of accessible travel – she said YES!! But it was important to have this discussion with someone who has a lived experience. That person today is Kent!

A bit more about him:
“I started travelling internationally at 23 years old. But the desire to travel started earlier. I think it came from moving a lot as a kid.

Most of my travel these days is for tennis. Though I would love to do more just for the sake of going somewhere new.

I have a slight preference for the natural wonders and sights than the cityscapes and a bit more on the adventure side.

My ultimate trip would be kayaking the Inside Passage, Canada.”

3 December 2020 wass International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD). Let’s keep this conversation about accessible travel going.

Episode #34 with Kent is here – listen now!

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