I woke up on my second morning in India with the biggest craving for South Indian Breakfast. My mouth was watering just thinking of this rich and unique food from the south.


Luckily where I was staying, my friend said there was a great South Indian restaurant around the corner and that he really felt like it too. Score!! Also we had a friend with us from Singapore and I couldn’t wait to introduce him to this amazing food!


We went to:


Sai Sagar, Bandra.


  • Phone: 26413629, 26424324, 26518246
  • Address: Bandra (W), Bandra (W), Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West , Mumbai


Happy Kai for best breakfast ever

The food we ordered was:


–       Dosa roha masala aloo

Like a fried crepe so the outside is thin but crunchy, made into a large circle on a hot plate, folded and stuffed with a beautiful masala potatio mix.


–       Idli

Idli is a soft rice pancake which is almost like a cake, but it’s firmer and not sweet. It is dipped in or floats in the samba.


–       Vada

Much like a doughut. A rich savoury batter, fried and in a doighnut shape. Dipped in Samba and chutney.


–       Chutney

Typically the chutney is white, thick and is helpful in cooling down the mouth from some of the spiciness of the masala and the samba, It’s the perfect accompaniment and I always finish all of mine.


–       Samba

A tomato based curried soup. Very thin and usually the idli is served floating in this. The flavours compliment each other beautifully.

For more info on how these foods are made, see:

 Indian Food Recipes

1 Dosa, 3 Idli, 3 Vada, and 3 bowls of samba and chutney was the perfect amount of food for us!


We washed this all down with a refreshing mug of Iced coffee- which the Indians make so well! Perfectly sweetened and just enough coffee flavour to start your day.


This is a wonderful restaurant and great fo someone new to India. Very cheap, delicious food, safe and with a great atmosphere. Only locals were here and I trust there judgement. Top choice!

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