I’ve been coming to India now for 7 years now and I am on my 6th visit. I am loving this country more and more with each visit and because of this, I want to know more and become more involved. So let’s start with the language. I’ve learnt quite a lot of Hindi words from friends and through spending time in only Indian communities.


Incredible India

In recent months, my friend Muhammad Bilal Umer has been giving me virtual lessons over skype. This has been so helpful in that I learn much better when I see the word written and how to pronounce it, I then practice saying it and then use it in conversation.

Here is the basic hindi I send to all friends going to India:

Hello – namaste
no – nahi (nah-hee)
yes – han ( hah)
sir – ji
Thank you – dhan ya vad (daan ya vaad)
Thank you shukria (shook – ree- ah) alternative
no i dont want it – nahi chai yeh (nah hee chy yeah)
brother (like bro ) – bhai (bai)

Kana – lunch

Kana kao – eat now



This is the more detailed and much more helpful hindi from dear Bilal:

phir milain gy means,,,c u then

baht jao (sit down)

kharay ho jao(get up)

idhar aoo ( come here)

buzz off ( chalay jao)

mubarik ho (congratulations)

no worries ( koi masla nai)

main ny sona hy – I’m tired

mughy payaas lagi hy(i m thirsty)

big (barya in indian)(bara in pak)

small (chota)

last ( akhiri )

i m happy ( main khush hoon)

i m sad ( main udas hoon)

ya bi theek hy (this is also correct)

main seekh rai hoon (i m learning)

its todays lesson( ya aaj ka sabak tha)

aaj acha mausam hy( today weather is pleasent)

aaj garmi hy ( weather is hot today)

aaj sardi hy (weather is cold today)

aaj sardi hy (weather is cold today)

tum bohat achi(for female) ho (you r very nice to me)…acha is used for male

main dil ka bohat acha hun   (its is i think good heart)

mayra dil ka acha hun (its is i think good heart)

aap dil ki bohat achi ho (u r very good hearted)

march k dosray  haftay ( march 2nd week)

sydney ka mausam acha hy – Sydney Weather is good

I was out of sydney (main sydney sy bahir tha) thi for female

than better take rest (aap araam kur lo)

yes u r saying right (haan aap theek kha rai ho)

aap so jao,,u sleep


Thank you

I hope this lesson is helpful for you and when you visit India you can use some of these phrases. Not only will it help you to get by, it will make you dear friends and gain respect from the kind hearted Indian people.

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