This was the hit song of December 2010 in Bollywood and was not only catchy and stuck in your head, but also earned me a nickname amongst my new group of friends.



Sheila! The ironic thing about them choosing this name for me and this song is that Sheila is the word for a “young Australian woman”. Which I am.


I loved it cos I knew the name and the boys would all jump around me and sing it to me, but I didn’t understand why. Within 3 days I’d had it sung to me 3 times, including a small street boy outside the Cinema. By this point I was a bit freaked out. “How does this little boy know my name!!” I was like wow… Do I look like her or something?


This being said, within half an hour I realized the reasoning behind my name and the reason this song was constantly being sung near me. IT’S IN THE MOVIE! Tees Maar Khan. My mate Avi had been talking about it all week and we had planned to go watch it. So because the boys knew I was going to watch it, they decided to give me this name.


I was so ecstatic when I saw the clip for the song as well. Sheila (played by Katrina Kaif) is HOT!! What an honour!!! Check it out:  

Movie review and trailer can be viewed at this site:

I loved the movie and dancing along to my song.

Not a day went past whilst I was there for 2 weeks when I didn’t hear that song at least twice a day. And I loved it because….. MY NAME IS SHEILA.



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