A mathematical problem that is.

Apparently this isn’t Rocket Science…. haha pun intended!

I visited the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral in February 2011. My brother had begged me to go when we were in Orlando in 2009 but I was so uninterested and really couln’t face the mission (pun intended again) to head out there. So when Dad and I were there again this year, I really felt I should see it. It’s a pretty important place in our Modern History and millions of people flock to experience it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the park and all the activities and exhibitions inside. There is an amazing simulation ride which let’s you feel what it’s like to go up in a shuttle and break off from the rocket. The host, former Aastronaut, really brought the experience to life and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



I don’t have the same admiration for space and other worlds that my father and brother do, but standing in front of rockets and ships which have actually orbited our earth is pretty incredible.

I couldn’t resist this shot glass as it really just encompassed my feelings towards the whole Space odyssey blah blah haha.

I do recommend visiting The Space Kennedy Centre if you are in the vicinity.

Thitsty Thursdays – SHOTGLASS MEMORIES

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