• Backdate to 18th august 2011


    In preparation for my big Kili climb, I’ve decided to research and read other people’s blogs, stories and experiences for inspiration. Here are the Top 5 I have found and the reasons why I enjoyed them so much.


    1. Karen Graham, Explorer Girl

    Karen Graham is a talented photographer and travel writer. She climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago and posted this wonderful article on Exploregirls.com. She gave a brilliant account of her experience and posted some incredible photos.


    Mt Kilimanjaro Article – http://www.explorergirls.com/node/4730

    Read more from her blog – http://www.explorergirls.com/blog/18

    1. Andyonthemountain

    Andy on the Mountain is a short blog about Andy’s experience of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. From inspiration to the experience itself and the reflection. I really like the focus of this blog and his detailed description of his experience.


    1. Mt Kilimanjaro Travel Guide


    You can’t get more specific to Mt Kilimanjaro then the Mt Kilimanjaro Ttravel Guide. Described as the one stop shop, there’s a whole lot on here including forums, Kilimanjaro articles by all different authors, advice on climbing and also other information on Africa. It’s a good way to get some facts on the experience of the climb.




    1. She’s 50- she climbed Kilimanjaro


    This article on journey woman is more like a poem/ reflective piece than an informative piece and I really enjoyed it

    . It’s nice to be able to follow the thought process of a person climbing the mountain. Especially someone who would perhaps not usually be a mountaineer-  gives the rest of us some hope. A great piece! 



    1. Inspired Adventures Blog


    Of course this would make my top 5 list as this is the group I’m going to do my Kilimanjaro challenge with. There are stories and experiences on here from past participants which is great motivation for me before I head off. Also a breakdown of the trip from one of the group leaders. This is  a great read for anyone taking on the trip to know what’s in store for them.


    Please send through links to other blogs or stories you have read about Kilimanjaro that might help me prepare or get excited for my adventure.



    I am currently in Africa Climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro. I’m climbing on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and raising money for the wonderful work they do.


    You can still sponsor me by visiting my online fundraising page:



    KILI COUNTDOWN – 27 Days to go


2 thoughts

  1. Wonderful Lovelly. Me, my husband and my 14 year old daughter Sharada made it to the top of Kili on the 14th of August 2011. It truely is an unforgettable experience.We did our summit attempt on full moon night and were very fortunate to have fantastic weather. I should say that the true credit should go to the team of guides and the porters who very always optimistic and encouraging. Sharada has created a blog – http://www.kilikraze.wordpress.com hope it is of help.
    We wish you goodluck.


    1. Thanks so much Pratima!

      I only just got this, as I missed it whilst I was travelling- i started climbing that day.

      Amazing time – amazing life experience. Watch this space for more blogs and would love to check out yours and share it.

      Best experience ever!! thank you


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