Cocktails in St Marten

Well cocktail style shotglass from St Maarten to resemble the lovely margaritas and daquiris we had on the beach.   St Maarten is an island in the Carribean and it was fortunately one of the lovely stops on our 7 day Cruise in february this year. This was a wonderfu day off the boat with … Continue reading Cocktails in St Marten

Houston…. we have a problem

A mathematical problem that is. Apparently this isn't Rocket Science.... haha pun intended! I visited the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral in February 2011. My brother had begged me to go when we were in Orlando in 2009 but I was so uninterested and really couln't face the mission (pun intended again) to head … Continue reading Houston…. we have a problem

Party like a Rock Star

I will surely be able to party in true rocker fashion with my Hard Rock Hotel Shot glass.   I always have to choose a shot glass to represent my trip or stay in a city, and it seemed fitting that when staying at the new Hard Rock Hotel on Sentosa Island, Singapore, I get … Continue reading Party like a Rock Star

Yo Ho Ho and a shot of Rum!

Pirates and Rum, these are my main memories from the lovely little city of Key West, Florida, USA.   I've visited the beachy little holiday spot twice now and the key things coming to my mind are a flood of rum filled adventures and outings. My dad felt that this area, being the bottom point … Continue reading Yo Ho Ho and a shot of Rum!