Magic IndiaThe top 5 reasons why I love India!






1. The People

Warm, inviting, friendly and charming. I have never had such a wonderful interaction with such a large majority of the people I come into contact with in one country. The people hospitable and caring. They can make you feel as though you are royalty. They make you feel that you are truly special and that they are genuinely pleased to be meeting you and enjoying your company. Whether it be a man with 5 houses or a poor stall owner in a quiet village, the generosity and kindness is there. They have nothing and still will want to give you something.


2. The colours

The beautiful, vibrant and lively colours are everywhere in India. One of my favourite memories is driving through the streets of Mumbai and seeing a woman standing waiting to cross the road as her scarfs of many colours were picked up by the wind and swirled around above her. It’s like time slowed down and I was entranced by this vision. The beautiful bold colours are in the food, the clothing and the buildings. Even the Taj Mahal is encrusted with semi precious stones of bright blues, oranges, greens and reds. India is a delight for the eyes.


3. The food

I loved Indian food before I went to India but I had tasted nothing. The herbs and spices used in the foods just send your taste buds soaring. Nothing can beat a spicy dish of chicken with some soothing Dahl and a naan bread followed by the sweet gulab jamun with it’s cinnamon and spices which leaves your lips with a slight tingling sensation. If you are on a diet- do not go to India. The families and friends will constantly want to give you food and the portion sizes are sure to leave you feeling more than satisfied. My only advice would be to try everything, don’t think to much about the what’s in it as you probably won’t want to know. Asking for a recommendation is probably best as you will confuse yourself trying to choose the best dish.


4. The music

The music in India is as diverse as the food and culture. From traditional to bangarra, Bollywood to rap, western songs mixed with the Punjabi beats. It’s fantastic! My favourite song is which I recently re-discovered. This song played on the radio constantly on my second visit and whenever I hear it I just smile. The music has such soul and interesting rhythms and beats. Put on Indian music and everyone jumps up to have a dance. It’s one of the happiest times when the music is playing and 100’s of people are dancing around, smiling and laughing. Beautiful.


5. The jewellery

I love all shopping in India but the jewellery is in a league of it’s own. To pick up 3 pairs of stunning silver intricately designed earrings for only A$10,one cannot be anything but impressed. I am dazzled by stall after stall of beautiful gem stones, silver and gold frames, unique pieces and bold designs. I come home with boxes full of bangles, elaborate necklaces and eye catching earrings. India is the jewellery lovers haven. There is then the upper-class stores which host thousands of precious gemstones set into stunning yellow gold. Jewellery is important in the culture as well with people of all castes being adorned in jewels and precious metals of various kinds.


India. Discover it for yourself

3 thoughts

  1. Woah Emma,

    We are off to India in July (monsoon season!!) haha, but the flights were that cheap that we couldn’t resist.

    You’ll have to tell me all about your 4th trip! I do not know how you afford it!!

    Ive been doing some research! I cant wait to go!

    Great blog too!

    I’v read plenty of your stories!


    1. Thanks so much Ainslee

      Great to hear from readers!

      India is the most incredible country. I am so lucky to have visited so many times and to have such beautiful friends there who help me to get to know the country even better.

      Stay tuned for a lot more India/ Nepal blog entries in the next 3 weeks leading up to the trip.

      Monsoon season is fine! I was there in June and we actually got caught in Delhi in a heavy downpour and it was an incredible thing to see. There is still plenty to do and plenty of places to go that won’t be as affected by the rains.


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