My answers to a Tourism Questionnaire

My friend Bilal Ulmer from Pakistan recently sent me a tourism questionnaire for some case studies on different topics including technology,science,travelling, arts etc. I was happy to oblige of course! He wanted my opinion on the following questions. 1) Why you want to travel around the globe?  I love travel as it offers me opportunities to … Continue reading My answers to a Tourism Questionnaire

Save Money on Postcards

Need some money saving tips when Travelling? Why not start with souvenirs and postcards!

Don’t judge a Traveller by their Backpack

Making a plan for your day is great, but if it includes blocking off possible friends and new experiences, then re think it. Luckily I opened my eyes and made some Awesome friends in Germany in 2006

Royal Bombay Yacht Club

The Royal Bombay Yacht Club which was established in 1846 is one of the most culturally interesting and beautiful buildings in Mumbai. A must see!

India Top 5

5 of the reasons I am heading back to India for my 4th visit!

One little song can make one so happy

My favourite Indian song can bring such joy to my heart. Reminiscing now of my wonderful days in one of my favourite countries in the world!

MIAMI – as Will Smith once sang “WE’RE GOING TO MIAMI”

Miami. Ahhh sigh. It didn't quite live up to the stereotype but we certainly had a great time.