All travellers have to be guilty of at least one of these 7 Traveller sins!

Sin 1: Taking budget travel too seriously

Sin 2: Giving to beggars

Sin 3: Staying on the road too long

Sin 4: Failing to respect the local culture

Sin 5: Getting carried away with the culture

Sin 6: Expecting everything to go to plan

Sin 7: Judging other travellers

For more info on each click the link to the article by Lucy Corne.


I would also like to add a few of my own which I have observed on my travels.


1. Attempting to consume every “local delicacy” there is.

Yes I believe that when you have the opportunity to try something new or do something a bit different then go for it. But when it comes to eating, many of us travellers take this to the extreme. Hence the “Heathrow Injection” which leads to most people who travel through Europe gaining at least 5kg. Word of advice, those crepes, pretzels and pints of guinnTypical touristsess aren’t going anywhere. Pace yourself.






2. Butchering the language.

It is always considerate to learn a few words of the language of the country you are visiting, primarily Hello and Thank you. This shows that you are trying to make an effort in the country you are visiting and to understand the culture. Then there is taking it to another level and attempting to converse in the new language… advice, listen to a tape first. Nothing worse than speaking with the completely incorrect accent and having the poor person cringe with every word you say. 10 points for trying though!


3. Speaking loudly across public areas in your native language

If I had a penny for every time I heard one Aussie shouting to another on the London Tubes, I’d have a fair few pennies. I know you are out with your mates and having a good time, but not all of us need to know that. And I know you are proud of your country… but time and place is important. I could pick out a travelling Aussie in a crowd of a thousand and though it is nice to see a bit of homeland pride, it’s also nice to be respectful of those around you – so leave the flag at home, it wasn’t intended to be worn as a cape.


4. Shouting and speaking slowly to be understood

When your mother shouted at you and pronounced every single syllable to make sure you were truly hearing her… did you listen? No. The same goes for when you are trying to speak across cultures. There is no need to say it louder and slower…. you just look silly and leave the person with sore ears as well as a confused look upon their face.


What are your travel sins?

3 thoughts

  1. Originally? It’s always expecting everything to go to plan haha. But pretty soon one loses their inhibitions. I think instead of trying to consume every delicacy a country can offer, for me it’s trying to see EVERYTHING a city has to offer.. Again, one gets over this concept quickly but it can really make your trip more stressful. Take it easy, make a list in order of top picks and closeness, pick things that are important to you and don’t stress if you don’t see everything! Good excuse to come back!


  2. Thanks Ainslee! That is absolute Gold!

    It will be my next post 😉

    I am constantly saying “NO, I don’t have the travel bug, I am a travller. I’m not just a tourist.”

    When in actual fact….. being a tourist is FUN!! You get away with lots more 😉


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