Got some brownie points in my travel karma bank the other day. Met a lovely young German girl on the plane on my way back from Uganda and the #WVAbloggers trip.

This young girl was 18 and first time doing a big travel by herself. So sweet and naive. She thought she could book a hostel when she arrived but it was Stereosonic in Sydney that weekend. We were chatting about why she was travelling and what she would be doing. Couldn’t believe she was taking this on all by herself.

Once we landed, I offered to use my phone to try calling some of the locations as they sometimes have availabilities that they don’t show online. After calling 5 hostels for her and trawling the internet, I invited her to stay at my house for the night. Her other option was to stay at the airport. UM, NO! That’s not happening on my watch. We arrived at midnight and I couldn’t stand the thought of her out there on her own hunting down a room or sleeping on a sterile airport floor.

We arrived by taxi to my house and the poor little thing was just so gobsmacked by the whole situation. It was her first time to this part of the world, so we even drive on the wrong side for her. She tried to pay for the taxi and I wouldn’t let her. The amount of people who have showed me kindness, love and support in my travels as a young person is impossible to put a number to. It’s my turn to give back.

Dad was amazing and set up the couch for her and welcomed her in. Both Dad and I speak a little Deutsch so we tried to make her feel comfortable with some words from home. She was very sweet and kept thanking us. We settled in for half an hour or so and then it was bed time. She couldn’t stop smiling.

In the morning, we got up early and I drove her to the city as I was heading there anyway. I found a place to drop her in the centre of the city, World Square, where she would be able to drop her bags and spend the day hunting around for places to stay. I’d also introduced her to Air B’n’B as a great way to find alternative accommodation. She again thanked me profusely. I told her this was entirely unnecessary, helping her was a blessing and I know it will put her in goos stead to have an amazing adventure!

Sending the good karma out there for all the wonderful people who have helped me in my many years of travel. It’s the traveller code. So if you see a traveller in need, remember to pay it forward!

travel makes you richer

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