This is a tough list to compile. How does one summate a three day experience filled with incredible interactions to a short summary? With difficulty! But I have taken 10 of the instagram images and stories I shared at the time that really struck a chord with me and I still cannot take out of my mind! These are just snippets of our experiences and I look forward to sharing more in-depth stories about all of them.


Yay #selfies! First day of our #WVAbloggers with @edenland. Thank you@worldvisionaus for this once in a lifetime opportunity!! What a pleasure to share this experience with the incredibly talented Eden Riley. 


We visited a vocational skills training centre with #WVAbloggers@worldvisionaus #Uganda initiated by AWAKE Uganda with the support of Iyolwa ADP. This girls smile says it all! Valuable skills in sewing, tailoring & knitting with which they can start their own business and make a future.


Special moment with @worldvisionaus #WVAbloggers tour #Uganda. This teacher is helping these darling schoolgirls with the tricky topic of menstruation. They are beneficiaries of the re-useable sanitary towels’ initiative. Before this program, girls in #Uganda felt shame to the point of dropping out of school over this natural occurrence in their lives as women. So amazing to see the change & hope for their future! #girlpower #empowerment #basicneeds


“We know English. We know English. We know English. We know everything”#WVAbloggers The children sang to us at a tree nursery in a project area of@worldvisionaus in #Uganda. Oh darling children, if only it were true! We don’t know everything because we know English and we still have so much to learn. Seeing your beautiful faces, understanding your needs and observing your lives here – you are teaching me! Thank you! The song continued “this is the handbag. This is the handbag. This is the handbag. We know everything.” When they got to the … A pencil and the … A pen. … The song was slightly more complex..


Learning is fun!! At a school to hear about the impact of #childsponsorship#WVAbloggers @worldvisionaus This woman spoke beautifully about how she loves working with the children and sharing news with sponsors. I thanked her on behalf of sponsors like myself, the annual reports, updates, letters and photos mean the world to us!


This is Siwana. He is 8. He was rehabilitated from #malnutrition#WVAbloggers @worldvisionaus Look at his beautiful, healthy & smiling face. We met the family and saw how now they have good nutrition and farming practices for ongoing health for the family. This is something we think is innate, what is good for your baby and child. It’s not. Education is key!


This borehole has meant that this community in Nabukalu ADP has access to clean water. #WVAbloggers They were in a dire situation of visiting a nearby pond, filled with algae, frogs and possibly snakes. This was also shared by animals & used for washing of clothes, let alone drinking.


Reality sets in on the #WVAbloggers #Uganda tour: hundreds of children and parents waiting for immunisations & health checks at an immunisation outreach program. It’s amazing what they are doing. These families now have access to this kind of healthcare. I could no longer hold back the tears. I was happy for what I saw and proud of the parents. But to think, what did they do in the past without @worldvisionaus There is now hope. It’s a great thing. These are tears of joy, so grateful for the good people of this world and those who support#worldvision and their work.


Child protection is a collective responsibility. It begins with you! #WVAbloggers@worldvisionaus #childprotection #endchildmarriage #CHILDMARRIAGE

These t-shirts were worn in the communities we visited and I really loved seeing this message over and over again. Worn proudly on the members bodies, stating clearly their proactive approach to ending abuses of children’s rights.


The most incredible group of women #WVAbloggers. These women can change the world! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing bunch to share my@worldvisionaus experience with! #loveyouguys #thewhat #welovehashtagsthanks @edenland for the photo. @silvercircle4

What an amazing and intense week! There is so much more to come!

You can experience what it’s like to help those in communities such as this by sponsoring a child:

Learn more about how Sponsorship works here:

Follow my journey with World Vision Australia in Uganda on a number of channels:

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