Toronto is a big city and I found it to be a bit cold and uninviting at first. I was dubious of finding a good route to do my walk. I resigned myself to doing a city walk and just checking out the city streets. Luckily the staff at the hostel I was staying at were most helpful and directed me to a nearby park where people like to exercise.


I walked through a popular shopping area and checked out the Graffiti as I went.



Arriving at Trinity Bellwoods Park, I was pleasantly surprised to find a big area to walk and explore.


Found some sets of steps and hills to do some running training and get some of the larger leg muscles working. There will be a lot of uphill on Everest! So when an area is flat, I found steps or small hills where I can and repeat.


Lovely puppies and pets playing with their owners- a joy to see.


Spotted some squirrels in the park. Always a pleasure to see these fluffy little critters. We don’t have them in Oz, so yes, Australians get overly excited at squirrel sightings!


So it was actually a lovely walk and I got an hour and a half in before I headed to a work conference for 4 days – where there wasn’t much time for exercise! Apart from dancing to the amazing bands at Canadian Music Week.



Goal achieved. Training walk complete in Toronto!


I’m climbing to Mt Everest Base Camp on March 7, 2015. Sponsor me and support the work of World Vision Australia. You can follow our adventure on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hash tag #everestbasecamptrek2015 and by following @inspiredadvntrs – Thank you for your support!!


For more photos of my adventures, please do follow me on instagram @Lovellyem and follow my Twitter account @ Lovellyinc.

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