Pirates and Rum, these are my main memories from the lovely little city of Key West, Florida, USA.


I’ve visited the beachy little holiday spot twice now and the key things coming to my mind are a flood of rum filled adventures and outings. My dad felt that this area, being the bottom point of America and near the Carribean was very much a pirate haven. He even got a skull and crossbone tattoo on his ankle. So when I saw this shot glass I had to get it.

Make sure you do visit Key West, it’s a fantastic place to get away from the world in an old fashioned beach setting.


When purchasing my one and only souvenir from each place I visit, I try to get something that reminds me of my time there. This one was an easy choice and I have a litle giggle every time I see it sitting on my dresser. I can guarantee you there will be no Rum drunk from this particular shot glass though- not only is it my rule to never drink out of my shotglasses, but I’ve also now had enough Rum to last me a lifetime!


Thirsty thursdays- Shotglass Memories

Send me a picture of your favourite shotglass souvenir and tell me why it means something to you.

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