Check out the new commercial - Basement presenta "Dream Collection", con Kate Moss

This is so exciting!! My friend is a dancing bunny!! Go lukey!!

Luke Fetherston is the man behind the bunny in the new Kate Moss Commercial! He's an amazing dancer, actor and person and I'm so thrilled for him.

Watch it here:
- This is so apt coming out just in time for Easter. Bunnies!! - Happy Easter!

2 thoughts

  1. The 2011 Kate Moss and Rabbit commercial for a chilean brand (Falabella/Basement) looks very similar to a music video from, also, the chilean singer ANDRES DEL MAR – CONTANDO ESTRELLAS (Best Music video 2010 in New York City)

    Is the same idea (giant rabbit with girl) and ending. She wakes up from the dream wearing the dress the rabbit gave her, so we don’t know if it was a dream or not.


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