Yesterday I moved to Melbourne. I have moved here for Change and Challenge.

I know this is  perhaps a vague explanation so I will elaborate.

Oxford Dictionary definitions:


  • verb
  • Change: make or become different:[with object] :a proposal to change the law

[no object] :
  •  noun

1 an act or process through which something becomes different:the change from a nomadic to an agricultural society


  • noun

a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities.

Emma’s definitions:

Change: I’ve lived in Sydney for 23.5 years, aka my whole life. Since 2006, I have een travelling extensively all over the world and people have suspected I have what they call the “travel bug”. However, after 4.5 years, I think we can safely say it’s a life decision and not just a bug that’s going to go away.

Upon my most recent return from an extensive time away from Australia I felt a change. A change within me. I saw things with new eyes and when I got back to Sydney, I didn’t feel the same. I had entered the next stage of life. Graduated Uni, time to choose or make a career, sold my car, returned home to my dad’s, back to the same area I grew up in…. and it seemed inconsistent. Some of my life was set to change but also to have the same old setting. In order to really enter this next stage, I felt an all over change and big shift needed to happen.

Enter Melbourne! Melbourne is a fun, cool, creative and chilled city. I want to be in a young and happening place. A place that welcomes change and will insight a new path for me.

Challenge: Moving to a new city or new country is always a challenge and this is what I was craving. New people, new places, new ideas and new stimulations! I want to feel as though I’m standing on my own two feet ( says she who is moving into a house with her friends family). To make my owen decisions , be my own person and push new boundaries!

Looking to the next big challenge

I’m so excited for things to come and for the next Month, I’ll be doing a  Melbourne a day blog! So check it out and see what I have to say about my new city!!

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