I have to admit that when boarding the Garuda flight to Indonesia I was feeling somewhat anxious. I might have even said a prayer or 6, just in case. But my worry was completely unnecessary. The flight was very, pleasant, the staff were delightful and the food was really nice too.

Garuda have had some aviation difficulties in the past and this has cast quite a shadow over their name in the industry. I hope to see this changing more and more as their technical standards increase and their security measures tighten.

I was surprised to find spacious and comfortable seating, also lucky to have 2 seats to myself. The entertainment system is state of the art with movies on demand, tv shows and music channels. The food came quickly and it was really tasty for aeroplane food. A paddle pop was given to us an hour before landing, a bribe or just a sweet treat? I’ll take it either way.

I actually felt bad for my doubtful approach to the service of Garuda. On the plane I watched a film called Love Happens starring Jennifer Aniston about continuing life even after tragedy has happened in your life. The message used through out the film is ”A-OK”. The stars in the film are encouraged to take on life’s challenges and face them. Even though something bad happened in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen again and you can’t live your life in fear avoiding any tragedy or sadness. So being scared of airlines because they have had technical difficulties in the past just limits our options and our life experiences.

Arriving safely in the lovely tropical surroundings of the Jakarta airport, I felt rather sheepish. My fears were unwarranted. I would now recommend Garuda to anyone, especially those heading to the carriers host country Indonesia.


2 thoughts

  1. I agree. Garuda is actually alright despite mass public opinion. And after all, you’re actually more safer flying with them, then getting into a car. Just got to look on the plus side.


    1. Thanks Aaron

      You are totally right. We hear one bad thing and we all get scared. There have been so many accidents in planes etc… however there have been far more successful flights.

      I would definitely fly with Garuda again!


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