Matt Darvas, World Vision worker in Nepal, can tell you exactly what happens. He was trapped in the Nepalese mountains, Annapurnas, when trekking last year. Matt has been living in Nepal for quite a while and done a number of treks, but perhaps this was to be his last.

Here are a few excerpts from Matt’s incredible adventure.

The day started just like any other in Nepal’s mountains. We knocked off five hours of walking before breakfast at 10:30 AM – in this case a huge serving of ‘Dhal Bhat’ (lentils, rice and vegetable curry) – and were making steady progress up the highest peak of the trek when the weather set in.”

All I could see was a wall of white as the mountain fell away, leaving us poised on a sheer drop that only revealed itself intermittently between the short gaps in the cloud that now covered us…

…What option did I have? There was no going back at this point and only one way down.

As I inched my way down across the face, I was muttering the following to myself furiously.

How could I possibly have allowed myself to end up in a situation like this? This is unnecessary, stupid and down right dangerous! I don’t need this. I have a wife, a job, a plan for my life (provided I make it down off this cliff) and it certainly doesn’t involve this!

matt darvas

Read more about his amazing adventure on his blog here:

I also highly recommend you sign up as he is a great writer and living an incredible life on his journey of working in Nepal.

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