After years of travelling to far away lands and foreign places,I felt it was time I started to explore my own backyard. Australia is an incredible travel destination and I’m proud to say that I’m now just 1 state/ territory away from visiting all 7 of Australia’s territories. Northern Territory is the last one I’m yet to have stepped foot in and I’m so excited to say that in 2 short weeks I’ll be doing the most Aussie trip you can get -Uluru by 4WD in the outback!


More than half of Australians have identified the Northern Territory as a bucket list destination. However with cheap international airfares making Bali, Thailand and Japan super accessible, we are favouring foreign destinations over our home soil.

This year I’ve been to Sydney 3 times, Adelaide twice and now off to Northern Territy. Last year I got to Tassie for the first time and got up to visit friends and family in Queensland 3 times when I hadn’t been for 5 years! I’m loving living in Melbourne, my adopted city of 2 years and exploring Victoria whenever I get the chance.

Northern Territory

So now – The Red Centre! The desert, the outback, the heart of Australia! I can’t wait. I’m off on 6th July on a tour with 2 American friends. We’re doing the luxury package with 4WD tour, fixed camping, Olga’s visits and Uluru. I must add – I will do a post specifically with the itinerary for our trip – I just haven’t even had a chance to focus on it – and to be honest, sometimes I like the surprise!

After years of recommending the Northern Territory to overseas family and friends, even myself working on 2 promotional campaigns for NT, I’m finally going. You never never know, if you never never go! That stuck with me since I was a kid – the old tag line from Darryl Somers.

Check out the latest Advertising Campaign from the NT. These are always my favourite promotions in Australia as they really embrace the Australian spirit. Now at least I’ll be able to say “Yes, I’ve been there” 

NT logo

For more information, visit the Travel NT website: 

To book your own great holiday, visit: 

Watch this space for many more posts about the Northern Territory, Australia!

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