A beautiful summary and to do list for Dharmasala. I only had two days here and kicked myself for not staying longer. a week or preferably a month is suggested for this majestic mecaa of India!


I came to Dharamsala via the winding hills of the Himalayas, chasing traveller’s hearsay of
a nirvana, where you could escape the intensity of the sub-continent.

The adopted home of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan government-in-exile is set in the dreamy former hill station of the British Raj, where politics and culture intersect on a daily basis.

Life in Dharamsala (or McLeod Ganj as the township is better known) runs from one rooftop café to another, while the eagles soar above the lush green mountains and Buddhist monks pad the soft cobble stones of village life.

If you are travelling in India, this must-see is so charming and relaxing that you may find yourself staying far longer than anticipated. Be open to the amazing experiences that this lively town has to offer.

Experience Buddhism.
Take time to bask in the benevolent reflections of the Dalai Lama.

When I asked the…

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