My mate Justin could possibly crazier, more adventurous and more outgoing than I am. He is a Storm Chaser.

A crazy storm heading for St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

Aussie Storm Chasers currently has a Facebook page full of storm chasing videos/pictures from Australia and the USA.  There are currently 5 of the guys involved on the page, covering places such as Perth, Sydney, North-East NSW and South-East Queensland.

Facebook page:!/AussieStormChasers


They are looking to expand our admins to Victoria, SA and the Norther Territory in the near future too.  They have 3 photographers/chasers, one meteorolgist and Justin the chaser.

“We document these storms and if the fall into the severe category we report them to the BoM. ” Says Justin.


Would love it if you could share it with anyone and everyone who is keen on Storm watching.


The website is in the process of being made where they can live stream a chase, a store to purchase calanders and season highlights etc will then be available!


Happy Chasing!

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