The film Serendipity released in 2001 brought to my attention this idea of fate and chance meetings. I am a strong believer in fate and have always thought that what will be will be.


I have again been reminded of this true occurence of fate.

In January 2007, I met a lovely guy at the Big White Ski Resort in BC, Canada. He was a firefighter from London, Ontario, Canada visiting for just a week with his mates. We met at the bar one night and he was such a sweetheart, we talked and got on so well.

He left a few days later and sadly, I didn’t get to say goodbye. We both felt as though we’d missed out on something special there. We stayed in touch via email and texts but soon lost contact.

I arrived in LA, just a few days back on 28th January 2011. 4 years after I originally met him. As I land in the airport I have a text saying “Hey Emma.” It wasn’t a number from my contact list so I was quite surprised by it. I soon after replied asking who it was and to my great surprise, it was the candian guy from 2007.

“Hi Emma, remember me, the firefighter from Canada. We met at Big White in 2007. I know it’s been a while but I just found your number and thought i’d give you a buzz.”

This is crazy that just at this time of year, as I arrive in North America and switch on my Australian phone, he decides to contact me. He also told me that he was returning to Big White for a week with his buddies and asked if I could head up.

So who knows…. I might be skiing on the weekend and fallin in love by Monday 😉

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