Again we pick up on my 6 month big trip with me now arriving in Illinois with my brother and cousin and then heading off to the INDY 500, The World’s Greatest spectacle in Racing!




Roscoe, Illinois a small town towards the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, A lovely little place and of course my cousin was there, so it was lovely. I met lots of his friends and even got to go to the local ROCKFORD T.V. station to watch the filming of the morning show, very interesting indeed. Also briefly visiting a wonderful friend Wayne in his little town of Warren where he has just become the Mayor. Yay. James came a day after me and then we were off to a thrilling weekend at the INDY500.



My first cousin twice removed is actually my Grandma’s direct cousin. He is 86, has been doing magic for 65 years and has been working in the pits, garages and suites at Indy for 41 years. My brother James and I were blessed to go with him to the Qualifying weekend, receive an all areas and all access pit and garage pass as well as hang out in the suites when we weren’t down there.


So many stories from only 4 days but a lot of them involve the names of drivers and friends which a lot of people wouldn’t know. But we were very fortunate to meet some of Cuz’s good friends and race legends A.J Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Johnny Rutherford and Mario Andretti just to name a few. Indianapolis itself is a lovely quiet and clean city and Speedway is a very cool place to hang out at in the month of May.

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