That time I was silent for 10 days

Hard to believe eh? Emma Lovell! The woman who runs a business called Lovelly Communications. The constant social butterfly. Was silent ... for 10 whole days! And it was one of the most profound and enriching experiences of my life. Vipassana is the practice of silent meditation. Totally cut off from the world with no … Continue reading That time I was silent for 10 days

Can’t get you outta my head

During a 10 day silent meditation the last thing you want is a song stuck in your head. My friend gave me a warning about this as some of the last words before I left but I think it was inevitable. Without any outside stimulation and no new tunes coming, concentration becomes crucial and the … Continue reading Can’t get you outta my head

The Wonderful Vipassana

When I first announced I would be going on a 10 day silent retreat it was met by great surprise and quite a few giggles. Miss Emma Lovell, communicator extraordinaire, chatterbox and vivaciously outgoing woman could remain silent for this period. But I did. And I have learnt now, that it wasn’t about that- it … Continue reading The Wonderful Vipassana

Silence is golden at Vipassana

Today I will enter 10 days of silence and meditation in the Dhamma Centre of Jodhpur, India.   No phones, no emails, no eye contact and no speaking. Just silence, meditation and finding inner peace. I'm petrified as I sit here with a terrible stomach, aching head and what appears to be some form of … Continue reading Silence is golden at Vipassana