Top 10 Instagrams from my UK trip 2014/2015

As I sit in the airport and wait for my flight back to Australia, I take a few moments to reflect on my TOP 10 moments of this trip. Well, it's all been rather amazing but there have been stand outs. I think the thing I realised this afternoon as I stood by the river … Continue reading Top 10 Instagrams from my UK trip 2014/2015

Spring in London

Spring came early to London this year with beautiful weather and blue skies!     23 degrees and sunny for 5 days straight whilst I was there from April 5th-10th. How lucky am I. The english go mad and strip off and run into the sea at the merest sight of the sun... though with … Continue reading Spring in London

2010 in Summary

So long 2010, Bring on 2011 by Emma Lovell on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 at 05:00 HAPPY NEW YEAR   4 Days late but you all should have recovered by now.   Hope you had a wonderful night. Mine was quiet and spent with my lovely aunts and uncles. Just what I wanted. We had a … Continue reading 2010 in Summary

My Top 13 in LONDON

My Top 13 in London is basically composed of my most recent visit and the cool places I ejoyed visiting. I wouldn't include them if I didn't honestly want you guys to check it out.   So here they are and the links:   Cafe Chutney - Convent Garden, London PRIMARK - Hammersmith Outlet is … Continue reading My Top 13 in LONDON

Nudie in the UK

Nudie has been travelling around the world with me and he particularly enjoyed his time in the United Kingdom. Going to see Big Ben, meeting crazy charachters and enjoying the english countryside.   Check out some of Nudies adventures in his album on Facebook:   Here are a few of his top favourites: Nudie … Continue reading Nudie in the UK

Notes from the Mother Land

God save the Queen!  I'm in England! the mother land!  Literally my mother land as my mum is from here hehe. Saw the Kings Speech yesterday. (  Phenomenal! So interesting and spectacularly executed! Very well done indeed. The film was made more interesting by the fact that I have first hand accounts of events around … Continue reading Notes from the Mother Land