Isla Del Sol

Too many words to describe this beautiful island but a picture says 1000! So here we are. We stayed in the South of the island which is the least popular choice but in my opinion ended up belong the most beautiful. A huge trek up the hill to reach the accommodation, we thought we had … Continue reading Isla Del Sol

Food with a grain of salt in South America

When ordering food, you will not only need to have a pinch of salt, but you need to take the understanding and interpretation of what you have ordered with a grain of salt. Spaghetti can be with Napolitano sauce and onions and capsicum in a sort of sweet sauce in one place, and be traditional … Continue reading Food with a grain of salt in South America

I really do love Hiking

It’s only been in recent years that I have taken up the hobby of hiking and I am now a keen participant. I always loved bushwalking but really put hiking into a whole new category…but to be honest, they are rather similar… hiking just takes longer. I’ve been fortunate to trek in two of the … Continue reading I really do love Hiking

La Paz – You interest me

La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, not sure I love you but I definitely don’t loathe you. I’m not sure like my new friends at Loki Hostal I could move in for weeks or months but I definitely need some more time there to explore.       I was in La Paz for … Continue reading La Paz – You interest me

Mexico – Please take me as your own!

Mexico es en mi Corazon!   Mexico is in my heart.   Whenever I meet Latinos, this is one of the first things I say to people. It really is so special to me after living there for 4 months when I was studying at University in 2009. I lived in the north in Monterrey … Continue reading Mexico – Please take me as your own!

I’m home – VIVA mexico

It’s taken 3.5 years but  I’m home.  To my adopted country, Mexico. I studied in the north of Mexico, Monterrey in 2009 for a semester. I spent 4 months here and was blessed to travel to many places including Zacatecas, Mexico City, Huasteca Potosi, Xilitla, Mazatlan, Vera Cruz, Cuatro Cienegas, Los Casas de San Cristobal, … Continue reading I’m home – VIVA mexico

Loki Loves You

Loki does love you, though I feel it’s a love hate relationship. She’ll fill you with booze til your down and out and your screaming for mercy, then nurture you back to health with love and enormous breakfasts. Loki Hostal is located in a number of places yet I had the privilege of not once … Continue reading Loki Loves You