Footprints : Photo Blog

I love this image and it always brings back warm feelings for me.   Not only do I love my tattoo, which was new at the time, and the location I was, but I love footprints in the Sand!     I was walking the Beach in Peurto Escondito, Mexico. I noticed all my footprints … Continue reading Footprints : Photo Blog

White Desert, Cuatro Cienegas

This stunning picture was taken with a little bit of camera trickery on my Canon Ixus. I love the colour swap mode and the effect is incredible.   The photo was taken in the dessert of white sands in Cuatro Cienegas, in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. I loved this little weekend trip. We were … Continue reading White Desert, Cuatro Cienegas

The Best Airport in the World

Photo blog By far the coolest airport I've ever been to! This was St Maarten, Carribean. I was here in February 2011 and could not believe the rumours were true... the planes practically land on the beach. We're not talking little bi-planes or sea planes people. We're talking full blown jumbo jets. And watch out!! … Continue reading The Best Airport in the World


Picture memory! This is a photo from my time in Mexico. 5 friends, went into the dessert and frolicked about like idiots. Also has the time of their lives. Make your Mark when you travel. Enjoy your time and leave it stamped in your memory. Visit Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico to experience the beauty and … Continue reading Handprints

Save Money on Postcards

Need some money saving tips when Travelling? Why not start with souvenirs and postcards!

Sunsets – All the Colours of the Rainbow

Sunsets! The most beautiful time of day. But how many colours does a sunset really have?