Live your Dash

Sadly sometimes, our dash is far too short!   The dash is the line between your birth and death date and is a beautiful poem by Linda Ellis.  I heard this poem on Tuesday at the funeral of a darling friend who lost his life just weeks before his 25th birthday - my same age. … Continue reading Live your Dash

I really do love Hiking

It’s only been in recent years that I have taken up the hobby of hiking and I am now a keen participant. I always loved bushwalking but really put hiking into a whole new category…but to be honest, they are rather similar… hiking just takes longer. I’ve been fortunate to trek in two of the … Continue reading I really do love Hiking

Peru Trek to Machu Pichu

Here are just a few photos of the epic adventure that was Machu Picchu and the trek leading up to it! Instagram has been amazing for documenting my trip and sharing info along the way.       Enjoy!!   Please support who I did this amazing adventure for!

Travelling in the Americas

It's been a whirlwind so far! Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and now the U.S.   A few pics from each country and more to come soon!!      

Peru is amazing!

It's 11pm and I have to be up at 5am tomorrow to start my 4 day trek to Machu Pichu for Black Dog Institute! Peru is incredible. So much to share. Cusco is a beautiful city filled with colour, culture and plenty of smiling faces. Very comfortable and happy here. A photo of our group … Continue reading Peru is amazing!

Matt Pratten prepares for the Peru Challenge and trek to Machu Pichu

My dear family friend Matt Pratten decided to join me on the Machu Pichu trip, Peru Challenge 2012, in a spontaneous burst of enthusiasm. I was chatting to Matt on Facebook and said “Come to Peru with me” Attaching the link and adding a smiley face. He responded, “Yeah, it’s been a while since I … Continue reading Matt Pratten prepares for the Peru Challenge and trek to Machu Pichu

What I’ll be doing in Peru in 9 days time!

It's now just 9 days until I head  on the Peru Challenge 2012 with Inspired Adventures and Black Dog Institute. I thought it was about time for me to look into what I'll be getting up to whilst there and share this epic journey with you.   See the details of the trip and itinerary … Continue reading What I’ll be doing in Peru in 9 days time!