The Ebola Hype – Let’s get the facts and see how we can help!

Since the Ebola outbreak in May, there has been little news or information up until a few months ago when it exploded. Now it seems to be in our news feeds and conversations constantly with an immense amount of FEAR attached. No doubt this is a real issue and a serious crisis for those living … Continue reading The Ebola Hype – Let’s get the facts and see how we can help!

Video memories of Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

In 2011, a team of 9 inspirational people climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer's Australia NSW. We raised more than $36,000 and had the adventure of a lifetime. Grandpa! This is for you xx If you want to take on such an adventure, visit Inspired Adventures  

Journey through anothers’ eyes

It's funny how different the same experience can look through another's eyes. A journey that was shared so closely between a group of people can look so different from their view - and from their camera.   It was lovely recently to catch up with my friends who I did Mt Kilimanjaro Climb for Alzheimer;'s … Continue reading Journey through anothers’ eyes

Views of Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro. The roof of Africa. The largest freestanding mountain in the world. A marvel and a beauty. I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and it was amazing to see it from so many angles and so many views.   Here I will share with you 5 gorgeous photos from 5 different points of the mountain. Each … Continue reading Views of Kilimanjaro

Dismas (MUFASA) Alex, TANZANIA, Travel Profile

Introducing you to Tanzania by Dismas (Mufasa) Alex.   Mufasa is a dear friend to me who I only recently met on my amazing and epic journey, Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. As head guide, mufasa is responsible for all arrangements with staff and for the primary care of all 9 international participants on the trip. He … Continue reading Dismas (MUFASA) Alex, TANZANIA, Travel Profile

World Alzheimer’s Day

Every year on 21 September, World Alzheimer’s Day unites people living with dementia around the world. There are more than 36 million people with dementia worldwide and by conquering the world’s highest free-standing mountain on World’s Alzheimer’s Day, we will be helping to fight to make sure that dementia is recognised as a global health … Continue reading World Alzheimer’s Day

Are you doing enough training?

 Backdated to  25 August 2011   Are you training enough? Are you fit enough?  Are you strong enough?   Everyday people are askng me am I ready for my Kilimanjaro Climb.   The answer is, I don’t know.   How can I know?   I’ve been getting in my 2 hour walks, heading to the gym, … Continue reading Are you doing enough training?