Fond memories and lots of laughs ensued with this episode about our nearest foreign neighbour, New Zealand! Emma and Darius share their memories from a number of trips to the stunning island nation.

We talk about giggling at funny words and phrases, and then having the Kiwis (New Zealand locals) having a good crack back at us Aussies! We give each other a hard time, but we really love our buddies across the Tasman.

We praise New Zealand’s culture and the wonderful incorporation of the Maori heritage into language, education and everyday life. It’s ever-present and it’s beautiful to see.

We explore Queenstown, Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Rotarua and more! Road trips are the best way to see NZ if you’re ever planning a trip. Learn about this and so much more in this week’s episode!

We’ve also added lots of great tips in the show notes of things to do and see, because there were just too many to jam into one episode!

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NZ ep25.png

Places to go in New Zealand

Major Projects Foundation
Power Shell – not to be confused with paua shell
Snakes in New Zealand
Shotover river jet boat
Dunedian Albatross centre
The place with all the seals Emma mentioned is Kaikoura
Milford Sound
Maori village in Rotarua to learn more about the Maori culture
Waitomo Caves Black Water Rafting

Food Places

The Skyline restaurant in Queenstown

Love the snow? Here’s more info on skiing and snowboarding in Emma’s favourite, Queenstown!

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