When we got our first listener email, we were ecstatic! The fact that it was from a mutual friend of Darius and I was even better and we decided we must have her on the show!! Meet Millie!

Millie grew up in Sydney and at age 18 drove nearly halfway across Australia to work for a man she had never met, riding racehorses in Kaniva, Victoria. After 12 months, she returned to Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Arts at COFA / UNSW. Her heart never left the country and 15 years later, she is married to local farmer Travis raising three kids under five on the land. Travis and Millie in partnership with Travis’s parents have a certified organic mixed farming enterprise, including 5000 merino sheep which Travis shears himself.

Listen as we learn more about the life of a farmer’s wife and what it’s like living in a rural country town of Australia! You’ll be as captivated as we were listening to Millie’s wonderful tales of farm life.

As mentioned in the podcast, Millie’s closest town is Serviceton (population 120) and then Kaniva (about 20 minutes away, population 800).

They are located 2km east of the South Australian border, 20 minutes into South Australia is Bordertown (population 3,000).

They are in the West Wimmera in Western Victoria. That’s the general area if you’re into looking at maps and learning more about this region of Australia.

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