Have you ever dreamed of moving to a stunning island in the Mediterranean and setting up a whole new life?

Well Annemarie Duperouzel did just that! This talented chef started out with a small dream of a sushi outlet in Ibiza, and now after 8 years manages a catering company called The Ibiza Kitchen. Catering for private parties, shoots, retreats, family clients and more. ❤️

Originally from the UK, Annemarie met Emma while doing promo work in Australia. She and her partner were on a big world wide adventure, but once their dream of the sushi store was seeming to be a possibility, they headed back to their (also) island home. Soon after, it was time to take the next leap and they were off to Ibiza in 2012.

Ibiza annemarie new.jpg

Emma visited Ibiza in 2006 for the first time for the typical party trip but then had the pleasure of seeing the local side to the island with not one but two visits to catch up with Annemarie in 2013 and 2014!

Learn about what it’s like to live on a beautiful island and build an entirely new life with our inspiring guest, Annemarie.

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If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza, make sure to reach out to Annemarie for some helpful local advice: info@theibizakitchen.eu

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