A very close one to Emma’s heart! This is the first episode where she welcomes a family member onto the podcast! William Hunter, aka Bill “Magic 500” Hunter is Emma’s first cousin twice removed, more fondly known as “Cuzzy Bill”.

Cuz at the time of the recording was 97 years old! But his memory is as fresh as a daisy and he shares many wonderful stories from his time in the Navy during World War II, living through the Great Depression, and performing magic at the Indy 500 for more than 50 years.

Yes that’s right, magic! He’s got a magical personality but he is also a professional magician! He’s still performing and being paid for his talents even up to today! Most recently doing a show for a local community group. He’s performed at Indy 500, for the drivers and in the suites, and also at NASCAR events and Air Shows all over the USA.

He also loves travel! Visiting many countries in his navy days and then going on to explore more of the world. He’s now visited 41 countries, and loves comparing notes with Emma about all the places they’ve visited. Australia is his #1 – for more reasons than the obvious family connections.

He’s one of Emma’s favourite people in the world, and he soon may be yours too. Enjoy this lovely episode.

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