We’re not going to lie, this was an exciting one! Kate Toon is a rock star podcaster and a super cool entrepreneur so it was a privilege to have her come and join us so early on in the Lovelly Travels podcast journey.

Emma and Kate talk about travel, of course! A big change from the many things that Kate is usually talking about with her business related podcasts but she loves travel and is an excellent story teller, so this is a fun one.

Originally from the UK, Kate now calls Australia home and she shares some of her wonderful adventures in between her two homes.

Kate Toon is a writing entrepreneur, as well as a popular coach, speaker, author and podcaster. She’s also a mad good hula hooper (there’s a fun story to this one too)!

Join us as Emma fan girls over Kate’s book, travel memories are relived and many laughs are had.

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Kate Toon tile.png

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