This week we’re talking frankly with Alison Hallworth! Yes, this is an excellent play on words because Alison’s brilliant blog is called … Talking Frankly! She writes about everything from housework to human rights and it’s how Emma and Alison met.

Both these ladies are bloggers and were invited to be World Vision Australia blog ambassadors. Both went on to travel with the organisation to Uganda and India respectively. They are connected through a passion for giving back and raising awareness for important causes.

Alison shares some of her travel memories from over the years, including the wonderful story of how she met her husband in London and brought the Englishman back to Australia to live forever. She shares the differences in her travels from the early days as an intrepid backpacker taking on adventures to the more family-oriented escapades recently.

Importantly, Alison also shares openly and honestly about her own mental health journey and how it led to her being a speaker for Beyond Blue. We are so grateful for this refreshing honesty and we believe that more of us talking frankly in this space can support others on their journey.

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Make sure to follow along with Alison’s adventures on her blog, Talking Frankly

Connect with Alison online:
Instagram – @hallworthalison
Twitter – @hallworthalison

If you ever need support with your own mental health, visit Beyond Blue for resources. You can also contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 for support.

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