Hola! Bienvenido a Espania.

Don’t worry, we won’t do the whole episode in Spanish! But this week are off to beautiful Spain. And we’re so excited to have our first non-host local on the show. Talking about Spain with a Spanish person who is currently … in Spain.

Welcome Pedro! Emma met Pedro in 2009 in Mexico while they were both on University exchange. They were actually roomies and travelled together quite a lot around Mexico.

Studying at El Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, 2009

In 2014, Emma went to visit Pedro in Vilafranca del Penedes outside Barcelona. They watched castellers build famous towers, sipped cava (local champagne), kayaked in a canyon, Desfiladero de Montrebei or Congost de Mont Rebei in Catalan, and of course went to see Park Güell and the church of the Sagrada Família by Antoni Gaudi.

Pedro and his family in Spain

Listen as they chat about Pedro’s home town of Soria, his travels in Spain and the world and relive memories of some of their adventures together.

Emma even speaks a little español!

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Place to go when visiting Spain
– The Canyon where Emma and Pedro went kayaking outside Barcelona was: Desfiladero de Montrebei or Congost de Mont Rebei in catalan (Canyon)
– Vilafranca del Penedes is where Emma visited Pedro.
– Castels is the catalan word for castle, and these are the human towers that are so famous in Vilafranca.

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