This week Emma and Darius take us off to the land of the Dutch, where windmills are a plenty and cycling is … everywhere, The Netherlands.

Emma’s first trip to The Netherlands (Country #39/ 195) was in 2013, hosted by her Lovelly Travels podcast co-host … Darius!

It’s an easy train ride from Dusseldorf where Darius lives in Germany and the two had a whirlwind of a trip exploring Amsterdam and sampling the Dutch culture.

Hear about Emma’s return visit to see her dear friend Betsy, aged 83 now, and sharing some special history lessons. Darius shared more about his MANY visits over the nearby border into The Netherlands.

So slip on your clogs, and let’s get exploring.

Tune into Spotify and iTunes to listen in on episode 12.

Some amazing places to visit in The Netherland:
A little more about Bredevoort, where Emma went to visit Betsy

Museums and places to visit in Amsterdam:
Stedelijk Museum (Modern art and Design)

National Maritime Museum

Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

Anne Frank House

Blue Boat Company Canal Cruises

You can also read about Emma’s reunion with the lovely Dutch native, Betsy, here.

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