Danielle Colley lives an adventurous life. She takes her positive outlook and applies it to all that she does, and she’s not afraid of a challenge. So when Emma heard that she’d trekked Mt Kilimanjaro for charity in 2017, she knew there was a podcast episode right there.

Emma also trekked the tallest freestanding mountain, 5895m, in Tanzania in 2011 while raising funds for a charity. The two women however have very different feelings about doing it ever again! Listen as they banter and share their unique experiences – both memorable and somewhat life-changing.

Danielle shares her passion for raising awareness and funds for great causes such as Rafiki Mwema, an amazing Australian based organisation who support children who’ve experienced extreme trauma through two homes in Kenya.

Check out the show notes for more on Danielle!

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About Danielle Colley, Integrative life coach and founder of Your Good Life.

Danielle is an experienced traveller whose greatest passion is living a life of adventure. From backpacking across the globe in her earlier years, to now slightly more luxurious travel with her family, Danielle believes some of the biggest lessons to be learned are when you’re out of your comfort zone.

When she’s not gallivanting, Danielle helps women in business who feel dissatisfied with life to reach their full bu helping them to transition into lives with more meaning and joy.

Learn more about Danielle:
Your Good Life Website
Watch Danielle’s Kilimanjaro trek video on Youtube.

Learn more about Rafiki Mwema here.

Support this amazing organisation through the gorgeous Rafiki Mwema shop.

Watch Emma’s Kilimanjaro experience!

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