Did you know that Emma is a dual citizen?

Australian born with English parents, Emma has her heart very much between these two places. Her first visit was at the age of 2 and she’s since been another 14 or so times. Although, she’s only really been to half the UK having never been to Wales or Northern Ireland. So in this episode, we talk mostly about England with a sprinkle of Scotland.

For the purpose of Emma’s mission, we are counting this as 1 tick for the UK, as it’s UN recognised and 3/195 on her list. But we will certainly be exploring all of these countries in more detail with future episodes.

Enjoy as Darius and Emma chat about foods, sayings, must-see places and even some accents!

Tune into Spotify & iTunes for episode 10 here.

Want to know more about the Outlander tour in Scotland, read it on She Defined here.

The show that Emma mentioned in Wales – Cabins in the Wild.

Emma’s favourite painting in the UK, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.

Emma’s favourite English sweets: Floral gums and millions!

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