Can you visit 4 countries in 4 days? Sure you can! Join Emma and Darius on a fun filled adventure.

Emma and Darius set out on a mission in November 2019 to visit this row of countries in Europe to prove a point – it can be done. As Emma’s on a mission to visit all 195 UN recognised countries, she’s trying to get as much bang for her buck! But they got more than they bargained for … this podcast was born out of that very trip!

Spectacular shout out to Darius for exceptional editing on this episode to help us relive the roadtrip with recordings from the actual trip as well as the recount from the two hosts.

Food, accommodation, tips and lesson learned. It’s a whole lot of fun in this whirlwind of an episode.

Tune into Spotify & iTunes for episode 9 here.

Places we stayed:
Downtown Forest Lodge in Vilnius, Lithuania
Hotel Roลพmalas in Latvia
Hotel Legend in Parnu, Estonia
Warsaw River View Hotel in Poland

Want to know where we had some of the most amazing food:
Vilnius, Lithuania at Uลพupio pizzeria
Riga, Latvia was the at Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs

Places you have to go:
Bauska Castle in Latvia
Nudist beach in Parnu – Estonia
Tallest building and viewing tower at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland

Need some breath taking shots, we’ve got your back:
Shots at the Czupito Warszawa, fun little night out

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