This week Emma welcomes the first podcast guest, Chief adventurer from The Adventures of Poss and Ruby, Danielle Phyland.

Stay tuned for a monkey attack story that you won’t want to miss. YES! Monkeys!

These two passionate travellers met through their passion for blogging and have gone on to grow a friendship centred around the desire for adventure. In 2019, they travelled to India together and the thirst for new journeys continues to grow.

We hear about Danielle’s wealth of travel experiences and her hopes for travels in the future. Make sure to visit the show notes for more about Danielle’s adventures.

“There is nothing that brings me more joy than a good travel story and I have plenty to share”
– Danielle Phyland

Tune into Spotify & iTunes for episode 7 with Danielle here.

About Danielle:
I’m Danielle AKA Poss and my trusty 4 wheel steed is Ruby, together we love to explore and discover both locally and abroad. I was bitten by the travelbug many years ago on a family adventure to Singapore and I have been an avid traveller ever since that trip. I love to venture to all corners of the globe with over 56 countries under my belt (some multiple times). I enjoy seeking out the hidden gems, unique and truly local experiences. I have a passion for good food and wine from fine dining to local cuisine and street food and I love learning about food culture and traditions. There is nothing that brings me more joy than a good travel story and I have plenty to share.

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