This year has thrown us some curve balls, on that we can all agree!

Many of us would have had plans that have had to change.

– Holidays canceled
– relocations that we hadn’t planned for
– weddings postponed
– jobs lost/ gained
– families separated by distance more than ever

And the plans continue to change as Covid-19 continues to impact people all around the world.

I just wanted to say that it is OK to be sad, disappointed and upset about these things. It’s hard.

It is OK to grieve these losses. To mourn for the plans and moments that will no longer happen or be seriously delayed.

And of course, there are others who have it tougher. But we can only deal with our own world view and our feelings. So feel it! Grieve it. Let it out!

THEN! I hope you get to have some positives out of the time. I hope that other things have come about or you get some time to reflect. And if not, that’s ok too.

Be kind and gentle with yourself, none of this is easy. And I’m practicing the same.

For me – 2020 will always be a magical year. I married my amazing partner Mathew in MEXICO!! We were so fortunate to have that and I’ll treasure it. We also got to have a honeymoon bubble of being just us at home.

Photo:Debora Ducci, White Crown Photography, Cenote Cristalino, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

2020 has given me the chance to re-assess, prioritise and have some (probably much needed) down time.

I’m all about mental health and this is a challenging time for many people. It’s ok to not be ok. If you need help, the first thing to do is be kind to yourself – this is hard.

If you’re struggling and need support, reach out to friends and family and stay connected. If you’re in Australia, you can also call Lifeline on 13 11 14 for mental health support and someone to speak to.

Black Dog Institute also offers some great apps, including Snapshot – an app that helps you to quickly assess your mood and monitor your mental health.

So love and light to you all wherever you are and whatever you’re experiencing. Feel the feelings!!

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